Sunday, 4 August 2013

06:04 a. m.

It had been quite a sticky night. Even in the basement, where temperatures usually were some five degrees (Celsius) lower than at ground floor. Not to mention the upper floor, a place hardly to live at in summer's heat.

When going upstairs, still being drowsy a bit, the moment I could look into ground floor I was looking straight in the staring eyes of my neighbour's cat. As I can tell you, we both were kinda shocked! Unfortunately, the cat half a second shorter than me. I finally woke up completely, when it all of a sudden decided to reach out for my face with it's paw. Fortunately, the distance was to large, so the paw didn't strike me. But believe me: you don't want to hear a cat hissing at you in such moments. Especially, if it is not yours!

Wondering how the cat had stepped into our house, I moved on, trying to ignore that little, angry ball of fur. Which actually worked out when the cat, slowly moving back, still staring at every single move I made, finally cleared the way for me to enter the living room. And there I could see how nice angry kitty had entered our house: the back door to our terrace stood widely open, letting in the fresh air of the early morning breeze. I had opened it around midnight to enjoy the refreshing coolness of the air - and had forgotten to close when laying down for a nap.

Turning around, the cat had followed me into the living room, now cozing up, still being observant, expectant. And there it was, again, that weird feeling I always have when a cat is around:"You know, in HER mind [the cat's; thought as a female being, independent from it's gender, anyway] you are nothing more than a tin opener!" And, following my very personal distinct human instinct, I walked straight into the kitchen, fetched a tin of cat food (I had the choice between lamb and hare - still wondering if it really makes a difference to the cat - ultimately deliberated, I don't think so) and proceeded by walking out to the terrace to put the food into the feeding dish, all cats of the neighborhood seem to know quite well.

This special one - it's name is Vera - knew the routine. She (Vera!) overtook me and waited at the feeding dish to be served. And started feeding, although the food was still on its way from tan to dish. At this point, you better don't try to get her away from the food. Such kind of actions are really NOT recommended at all! If the cat's only hissing at you, it's the nice reaction! You can dare if you don't care about scars.

Believe me, I've tested it for you earlier!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

00:22 a. m.

"That's a nice place!"
"Been there."
"Anyway. That's a NICE place, indeed!"
"Ok. Now!, stop sulking. Don't even know the reason! Ye know, that's a very nice place here!"
"Oh, look at that marvellous pink tiger with its bordeaux stripes over there! Gorgeous, isn't it?"
"Yes, it isn't."
"You see THAT? You see it? Down there at the small village. That brilliantly yellow shining steeple. Heart-touching over all!"
"Aah, watch this tiny little butterfly on its chaotic way through the air. It does not even know where the next wing beat will take it. Although it just goes on and on an on ..."
"Watch the butterfly, or you might change the world's future!"
"Kidding, ey?"
"Yeah, of course!"

Guys sitting quietly in the shadow of a big, violet tree for nearly an hour. No word's spoken. Sun's going down. Sky's changing colours.

"Oh yeaaaah. That's it. That's the perfect final act for this special day!"
"The sundown! Open your eyes and admire nature's endless capability to surprise us with the most wonderful sceneries over and over again. You know, I like watching sundowns. Especially the dark green ones."
"Drop dead, romantic fool!"
"No need to get rude after all!"
"After all? After what??"
"Ok, I confess, I slew one of your relatives. But actually, I hadn't been eating for over four days. And I was really - and I mean REALLY!!! - hungry. Your relative was just too slow. That's it."
"ACTUALLY, it was my wife you slew."
"Feel free to find a new one! Don't be shy, guy!"
"HM? Kidding, ey?"
"Nope. Not kidding!"
"You bitch!"
"As I told you: no need to get rude!"
"Uh, shut up. Just shut up!"

Minutes elapse while the guys are still sitting under the big, violet tree. Sun's nearly completely down. Just a bunch of dark green beams illuminate the scenery yet.

"Just a bunch of dark green beams illuminate the scenery yet"

"Heard of Darwin?"
A raising eyebrow answers the question non-verbal.
"You believe in him as being our creator?"
"Nope. Been created by mum and dad!"
"And who created mum and dad?"
"Granny and grandma. Everybody knows!"
"And who created granny and grandma?"
"Fuck off!"
"So mister 'Fuck off' is your final creator?"
"Get lost!"
"So who is it?"
"Neither Darwin nor you. It's not your business at all!"
"Why not?"
"Fucking dark now. Going home."
"No, you won't."
"You're gonna stay 'til I get hungry again!"
"Inviting me for your next 'dinner party'?"
"Not really. Or may be you could say so, I guess. From my point of view."
"Kidding, ey?"
"Natch. - Not kidding."
"What am I? Kinda supply?"
"Who do you think I am? And who do you think YOU are???"
"Well: I am the lion. You are the antelope."
"Hm. - Right."

Night's come.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

01:40 p. m.

Some nintyfive degrees Fahrenheit.

The only things you can really do: nothing and shwitzing.

So I'll go for them. Taking a round of snoozing in the basement 'til 08:30 p. m..

It'll be great just to doze ...

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

08:00 p. m.

It's exactly 8 p. m. when starting this blog.

Day is gone, all shopping is done. And if not: in 12 hours the supermarkets will be open again.

So, what was this day all about?

Sleeping, having a shower, having breakfast, ... all that stuff.

Then working. Preparing for a seminar about "Intelligence in general - Emotional intelligence in particular".  Focusing on communication skills and communication with clients/customers and those who shall become such.

Some Twitter during lunch break. Just to stay informed. Or so ...

While preparing the last few PP-slides for the seminar, having a glance at Twitter again.

Annoyance of the day: a group of (becoming?) "mothers" claiming their rights to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol during pregnancy, just because no-one is allowed to interfere with their lives and their philosophies of living, caring and educating their children. Claiming that it's always up to them to decide whether and how much to smoke or drink or not, even if pregnant.

Moronic. Feeble-minded in every possible thinking way!

There are licenses for more meaningless things than the care and education of children. Thinking of those "mothers", I wish, there would be a "license for reproduction" with a test to pass first. Or law enforced sterilisation for those, who proved their disqualification for being parents, for both, the woman as well as the man, since there always are two sides of this special medal.

Ok, I know: sounds stupid. And even more, it is not realisable.

But in face of the fact, that such risky behaviour during pregnancy can result in giving birth to mentally and/or physically disabled children, for whom society then will have to pay, the question of punishment of such irresponsible behaviour must be allowed.

Those women claim, that nobody should interfere with what they are doing with and to their children, anyway. Ok. On the other hand, nobody should be forced to take responsiblity of the results of their way of life!

Unfortunately, if we would act like this, it would be on the expenses of the children - and therefore just hitting the wrong party!

It's a dilemma. Not more. Not less.

So far my annoyance of the day.

And now, 8:19 p. m.?

No plan. Anyway ...

We write our own future.