Sunday, 4 August 2013

06:04 a. m.

It had been quite a sticky night. Even in the basement, where temperatures usually were some five degrees (Celsius) lower than at ground floor. Not to mention the upper floor, a place hardly to live at in summer's heat.

When going upstairs, still being drowsy a bit, the moment I could look into ground floor I was looking straight in the staring eyes of my neighbour's cat. As I can tell you, we both were kinda shocked! Unfortunately, the cat half a second shorter than me. I finally woke up completely, when it all of a sudden decided to reach out for my face with it's paw. Fortunately, the distance was to large, so the paw didn't strike me. But believe me: you don't want to hear a cat hissing at you in such moments. Especially, if it is not yours!

Wondering how the cat had stepped into our house, I moved on, trying to ignore that little, angry ball of fur. Which actually worked out when the cat, slowly moving back, still staring at every single move I made, finally cleared the way for me to enter the living room. And there I could see how nice angry kitty had entered our house: the back door to our terrace stood widely open, letting in the fresh air of the early morning breeze. I had opened it around midnight to enjoy the refreshing coolness of the air - and had forgotten to close when laying down for a nap.

Turning around, the cat had followed me into the living room, now cozing up, still being observant, expectant. And there it was, again, that weird feeling I always have when a cat is around:"You know, in HER mind [the cat's; thought as a female being, independent from it's gender, anyway] you are nothing more than a tin opener!" And, following my very personal distinct human instinct, I walked straight into the kitchen, fetched a tin of cat food (I had the choice between lamb and hare - still wondering if it really makes a difference to the cat - ultimately deliberated, I don't think so) and proceeded by walking out to the terrace to put the food into the feeding dish, all cats of the neighborhood seem to know quite well.

This special one - it's name is Vera - knew the routine. She (Vera!) overtook me and waited at the feeding dish to be served. And started feeding, although the food was still on its way from tan to dish. At this point, you better don't try to get her away from the food. Such kind of actions are really NOT recommended at all! If the cat's only hissing at you, it's the nice reaction! You can dare if you don't care about scars.

Believe me, I've tested it for you earlier!

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